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Media involving SARA and our research!

February 2020: Press release by Science in Public. You saw sawfish! 

October 2019: ABC National. Sawfish used to be plentiful around Australia’s coastline, but their numbers have dropped off a cliff.

October 2019: The Guardian Australia. Sawfish numbers in global stronghold are dropping, prompting calls for fishing protection.

January 2019: ABC Perth, Pictures of sawfish – dead or alive – needed from citizen scientists to help understand decline.

January 2019: SBS online. Experts warn Australian sawfish close to dying out.

January 2019: The West, Australian sawfish close to extinction.

January 2019: SARA & Science in Public press release. Access the press release here.

Win TV FNQ local news January 08, 2019

ABC News on the 24 hr News channel, January 09, 2019

November 2018: ABC News on a fatal shark bite incident in Cid Harbour, Whitsundays, Qld.

October 2018: Australian geographic voices experts opinions on shark attacks

September 2017: Dr Wueringer is interviewed for an article on the rescue of 40 sawfish pups in the NT

July 2017: Gallery in Australian Geographic displaying a saw-less sawfish we caught in the same month.

August 2014: Article in Australian geographic on the hunting abilities of sawfish

June 2011: Article in National Geographic on the hunting abilities of sawfish.