Cultural Awareness Day in Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park CYPAL

Cultural Awareness Day in Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park CYPAL

The activities of the day commenced with a smoking ceremony, followed by a cultural walk at Kalpowar crossing. Kalpowar Crossing is an important story place for local groups, and the stories include the moon story, which limits who can enter the water. Desmond Bowen, the acting Chair of Rinyirru Corporation welcomed us to country.

Lawrence Jacko from Rinyirru land and Sea Rangers explains that this tree can be used to deprive the water of oxygen, and also as natural soap. 

Estelle Bowen of Rinyirru Aboriginal Corporation welcomes us to Country and explains the history of the park. 

Estelle Bowen explained the history of the park, and how all nine clan groups worked together to create Rinyirru National Park. During the walk we learned about some of the native plants and Reagan Hart from the Cultural Heritage team at QPWS showed us and explained the meaning behind scar trees. The walk is accessible and marked for everyone, so check it out next time you are there.

After that, various activities commenced, including learning of some words in the local language, and making baskets, and spear making and throwing. The day ended with a yarning circle.

We would like to thank Rinyirru Corporation for their invitation to this amazing day. Barbara learned so much, and felt honoured to hear some of the stories lived by people who we work with.

These lovely ladies showed Barbara how to weave the traditional way.

Reagan hart form the Cultural Awareness team from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service points out a scar tree.