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At Sharks And Rays Australia, we believe that long-term conservation goals can only be achieved if they are based on sound science, public outreach and working with local stakeholders. As such, SARA was formed with the aim to run research expeditions with the involvement of the general public.

SARA is based in the city of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. Cairns is often referred to as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Well over hundred thousand people flock to the Great Barrier Reef from here every year, to experience the largest reef ecosystem in the world. But Cairns is also the last big city on the way north to the remote regions of Cape York Peninsula. The landscapes of Cape York are ancient, sparsely inhabited and highly variable due to the alternating dry and wet seasons.

What not many people know is that these ecosystems, the Great Barrier Reef and also the river systems and coast lines of Cape York Peninsula are inhabited by various species of sharks, rays, and sawfishes. For one species of sawfish, the rivers in Northern Australia may actually be their last retreat.

For more information on our research and on how to get involved please see here and check out our facebook page for updates.


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AMAZING SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY Today started like a regular day. I was chatting to my colleagues Dani & Gonzalo, discussing the technical term for the depression in front of the tail (caudal fin) in whale sharks. This area is called the caudal peduncle. Up to my usual tomfoolery, I told them the notch must therefore be called the peduncadunk, which set me off cackling. Thing is, Dani typed it into Google. The first result, from the Urban Dictionary: "Peduncadunk: Where the fishes tail attaches to the body; the fish butt." PEDUNCADUNKS ARE A THING. You can trust me, I'm a Doctor. Verily, a momentous day. I have attached a helpful diagram for educational purposes. If everybody could assist in building awareness of this term, I would be most grateful. Yours truly, Simon.

2 weeks ago

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Grug Pisst-offerstonBen Geer, Zoe Redwood, Megan Grixti' did you know?2 weeks ago

Steph BagalaJoshua Reed Ivan Alberts Justin Mcnab That's it, i'm using this from now on2   ·  2 weeks ago

Kat LoweSmilie Pants1   ·  2 weeks ago

Amanda JohnstonYou learn something new everyday 😀2 weeks ago

Tom HineySimon J Pierce what is it for? Its been a huge discussion on the Ningaloo reef this season! Ive spent two seasons staring at it!1   ·  2 weeks ago

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Shocking photos emerge of fiddler rays unlawfully slaughtered
If a fish that you don't want to catch takes your bait, it is your responsibility to refine your methods. Killing rays is not the answer.
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Shocking images have emerged of five fiddler rays with fatal stab wounds to the head in an appalling case of animal cruelty off the shore of the Mornington Peninsula town of Rye

2 weeks ago

Shocking images have emerged of five fiddler rays with fatal stab wounds to the head in an appalling case of animal cruelty off the shore of the Mornington Peninsula town of Rye

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Karen Spittlewhy why why I just don't understand what the purpose of doing that to those beautiful Rays is! Cruelty at its best. My heart is so sad seeing and reading this!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Scott DeethBrainless yobbos2 weeks ago

Sylvia FammlerFishermen.......kill the predator and you can catch more for yourself. 😬2 weeks ago

Nicole FiringWhat can we do to help?2 weeks ago

Bert de WitWe have the same type of numbskulls here, keep finding cut up sharks etc2 weeks ago

Marko MantaThese fucking moron's that do this kind of thing could not tell you what the word refine meant let alone practice it, amoeba comes above these scrotes on the evolution ladder since it has the intellect to be able to change or REFINE its shape and texture to fit in with its surroundings unlike these clusterfucks !!!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Victoria AyreCharleyy-Lily Russell2 weeks ago

Niamh DurcanHorrible 😢2 weeks ago

Anne BrowneCan't believe such people exist2 weeks ago

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with the work that we do, having a good mechanic is peace of mind. thank you KW Auto Repairs and Service. for looking after our troopie! Pic by Johnny Gaskell ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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KW Auto Repairs and Service.Wow , What a spectacular photo......😀. Thankyou for letting us look after your car for you.....1   ·  3 weeks ago

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