Field Assistant Application

There are four steps to your application:

  1. If you want to save a draft, you need to create an account first
  2. Submit your online application
  3. Pay your deposit here – if you’re deemed unsuitable for a field trip your deposit will be refunded in full!
  4. Download and sign the policy form that becomes available once you have paid your deposit! 

Field assistant application

Field Assistant Application
Are you interested in participating on an expedition because of your work / studies?
Identify ongoing and finished degrees, specialisations, etc.
Are you currently enrolled at a university?
Have you identified a course at your uni that gives you credit points for joining us in the field?
Please TICK box if you have this qualification, and provide additional information (such as date, type) in text field
For example: Experience in working in remote areas, working with animals, photography skills, fieldwork experience
The information provided is confidential and will help us to ensure your safety and well-being in the field
Is your condition being managed, do you take medication?
Please indicate first and second preference