COVID policy

Last updated in July 2022

We do not require a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before pickup on the day of departure. However, if you have any symptoms please do a RAT or call Barbara before pickup to discuss the situation. Without a RAT, flu-like symptoms will be treated like a potential covid case.

For any covid reason, such as testing positive, displaying symptoms before departure, or being identified as a contact, our normal terms and conditions will apply. You may shift to another trip this year, if available, but we do not offer a refund. We strongly urge all field assistants to take out travel insurance that covers covid related cancellations. If a field assistant develops cold or flu-like symptoms during the expedition, the expedition leader must be notified immediately.

We ask you to please lay low in the 3-5 days before our expedition commences. Please actively participate in your health and avoid crowded places the days before our departure, and if you cannot avoid them, please wear N95 masks and sanitize your hands. We are currently going through another peak in Queensland.

Our expeditions take us to remote ecosystems, and remote communities, which often have no hospitals, only small community clinics. Thus the only access to advanced medical care is through flying doctors or helicopter evacuation.

The following guidelines have to be followed if someone develops covid/flu symptoms during a field trip:

  • infectious person to pitch their tent at a safe distance but further away from the group
  • infectious person to wear N95 masks when using the shower or toilet tent, and sanitize their hands before and after
  • infectious person has to have their own supplies of medication (so bring whatever you would require in this case)
  • Everyone to wear N95 masks during drive
  • Of course, if anything develops beyond a normal flu, we will always seek medical help

We urge you to bring your own face masks but you may be able to purchase N95 masks from us (we do not have an unlimited supply so please plan accordingly). We may or may not have RATs available for purchase during the expedition.