Outreach materials

All of our materials can be downloaded from google drive, to allow you to print them in high quality!

  • Interested in identifying sawfish in Queensland? Download our Species ID flyer for Queensland’s sawfish here
  • You can also download our Species ID flyer for Australian sawfish here
  • We tag sawfish, download our Sawfish SPOT tag flyer here
  • Have wall space for sawfish? Download our Sawfish ID poster here
  • Want to know more about sawfish biology? Download our Sawfish biology flyer here
  • Here are some more materials for our “Messenger saw” project
  • Access our 2020 Expedition Poster here

Find out how to build a cardboard sawfish here. A big thank you to Matthew McDavitt for the instructions! More of his materials, which include instructions for making sawfish cookies are found here.



Want to make your own sawfish? All you need to do is download the Sawfish folding model here, print it, cut it, fold it, glue it. And don’t forget to share the pictures with us #SharksNearMe or #IntlSawfishDay

More outreach materials and kids games developed by the Sawfish Conservation Society can be found here

Julius Csotonyi has made some incredible colouring in sheets of sawfish which you can download here and here. Thank you Julius! (Google Drive link to high resolution files)

Do you want to know more about the life cycle of sawfish? We have developed a presentation that was already used by the Normanton State School. you can access it here 

Check out this awesome and easy Origami sawfish folding model! Find it here

Together with Sharks4Kids, we have developed a ‘North Australian Food Web Game’. It is based on the comic ‘Sonya the sawfish’ by Paul Lennon and Stirling Peverell. A huge thank you to those two for the permission to use the images! You will learn fun facts about the different species that inhabit north Australian rivers and then figure out who eats whom and how the species depend on each other. You can download the food web game here.

Interested in any paper that has ever been published about sawfish? The complete list has been compiled by Jeff Whitty from the Sawfish Conservation Society and you can find it here


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Publications in preparation:

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